Your Lead Canine Education Instructor

Julie Stack has over 20 years of hands-on experience training dogs. She has trained over 2,000 dogs including 80 different breeds. 

Julie is blessed with a special connection to dogs. She loves working with humans and dogs to create an everlasting relationship. 

Julie has worked throughout the United States with many different organizations, such as "Dog Training In Your Home", "Pets, Inc", "Seizure Assistant Dogs of NC" and the "Northwestern Humane Society of PA".

Julie has a "Pets for Life" degree" (Humane Society of the United States), is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  Julie had the honor of creating the Therapy Dogs United (TDU) Certification Test and became the first Therapy Dog United Evaluator.

Julie is skilled in training Seizure Alert and Service Dogs for the disabled.  Julie loves working with this community of special people to create an independent lifestyle that a dog can provide.

You will love Julie's techniques because they are FUN and EASY to understand.
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I Learned so Much!
E. Chereson

It Was so Much Fun for Remy and I!
P. Hart
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Our classes are small (4-6 dogs), so you get individual attention

We give you all the knowledge you need to have a well mannered dog

We offer a 100% guarantee

Our trainers are experienced with extensive hands-on training
Class Descriptions
Classes are 6 weeks in length unless otherwise noted

Puppy Socialization - where your pup learns proper play behavior (with dogs and humans) along with basic obedience.

Basic Obedience 1 - Learn the key techniques to Leadership Skills, Common Commands and Behavior Modification (jumping, chewing, biting, etc.)

Basic Obedience 2 - Intermediate Clicker, Heeling, Retrieve, Basic Obedience from further distances with hand signals only, etc. - This class is designed to the students specific needs.  Previously students have requested - I want my dogs to wipe there feet after coming in from outside, I want my dog to stay off the kitchen counter, I want to work on off lead techniques.

Basic Obedience 3- Learn more advanced commands, return to heel, Emergency come, Emergency Down and Advanced Clicker and much more!

Canine Good Citizen  (CGC) - Learn the 10 steps to becoming an AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Rally Introduction:  Learn the concepts of Rally training.  This is a fun interactive class that teaches you how to start Rally with your dog. Pre-requisite - Basic Obedience

Potty Training 101 (1 hour seminar) - You will be shocked at how easy it is to house train your dog.  This class is not just for pups, don't give up on older dogs, it just a matter of communication.

Therapy Dog Training - Want your dog to be a Therapy Dog?  Erie Canine Academy has partnered with Therapy Dogs United, Erie, PA to teach you what it takes to become a member of Therapy Dogs United.

Seizure Alert Training - Know someone who needs a Seizure Alert Dog?  This is an in-home class that will teach your dog how to alert/notify you when a family member is having a seizure.  We can also train your dog to call 911.

Service Dog Training - Know someone who needs a Service Dog?  This is an In-Home and Group Class combination to teach you how to train your own Service Dog.

In-Home Training - Have a busy schedule and can't make class or have a behavior problem only at home?  We will teach you how to correct these problems in your home.

Aggression - Have a dog who's aggressive with other dogs/people?  This is an in-home training session to evaluate your dog and put you on a plan to a better behaved dog.

Behavior Modification - Behavior modification is included with all classes, but if you have a specific problem (digging, child chasing etc.) we can customize a plan for you.