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"Let me first tell you that my husband and I are totally blind. Our Sadie girl was stealing food off the table, urinating on the floor, bolting out the door and dragging us around the back yard.  We were really nervous about being able to understand what we needed to do to correct our Sadie's bad habits.  Once I met Julie I knew she was the perfect trainer for us.  Her methods were easy to understand and she was extremely effective.  Our Sadie is the perfect dog now!  She doesn't steal food anymore, she knows how to Sit, Down, Stay, Heel and Wait.  We would recommend Julie to anyone in need of training, in fact we have already told all our friends. Thanks Julie!"

The Wolthoffs
""Before you came to our house I barked and growled at ANYone.  But you knew EXACTLY what to do to help me learn to trust people.  You also taught my mommy and daddy how to help me.  You were really nice about EVERYthing!  You even taught me that I don't need to be afraid of children.  I'm so glad my mommy and daddy called you!  I would recommend you to ANY dog and his/her people who need some help.  Thank you, Julie!"

Jim-Bo Sessions
Jim-Bo Sessions
"Our pup, B.D., was 12 weeks old, smart but headstrong at the start of training.  He would not always come, dug up the yard and he was crashing the door.  He is now an example of what proper training should accomplish.  Julie is very patient with B.D. and us (B.D. catches on quicker than we do!)  Julie is clearly an asset and training was absolutely painless.  Julie is very thorough in communicating and showing us the proper techniques. Julie made our sessions something that we looked forward to and enjoy every week.

I would not hesitate to recommend Julie, and already have to several people, to anyone in need of assistance.

Thank You Julie!   We are now the proud parents of a healthy, happy and WELL MANNERED Great Pyrenees."

The Glasser Family